Project Appraisal

We have a specialized team for project appraisal in the areas of project feasibility assessment, debt requirement diligence, investment diligence, merger and acquisitions, valuations and other financial advisory activities. Very soon we will have assignments from international and indigenous market.

Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture

Ecological balance among nature’s Forestry, Agriculture and Horticulture are most important to keep the environment dynamics under control and existence. Any unbalance between these and natural force of Sun and Water could create havoc in part of the globe.

Our team of experts provide, strategic inputs on techniques, equipments, Research and Development Knowledge, harvesting methods and cycle for better yield and regeneration process. We also engage in studies in these sectors that are required for specific assignments.

Health & Nutrition

Balance between Health & Nutrition has been always the most researched topic in Medical Science and Bio-tech Research and Development organizations. Trend moving towards the Organic products vis-à-vis Non organic products, the regulators in the Government play the most important role to make such products affordable.

We engage in Baseline studies, Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation Studies for the Children with emphasis on Food Fortification. The indicators and outcomes of these studies have been quite interesting and useful to the organizations in the state of Gujarat.


We support Climate Change agendas in India and in Global scenario too. We consciously advice our industry partners to use energy efficient technologies, maintain low carbon foot prints, engage in energy audits and carbon emission audits, and create an healthy environment for tomorrow.

With these initiatives, we developed several Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in Gujarat along with our Knowledge Partner, who pioneers in CDM project in India. We developed projects across sectors like Textile, Power plant, Chemical, Vegetable Oil, Tiles, Renewable like Wind and Biomass, and other sectors as well.

We also provide services in the Renewable Solar Energy Sector towards environmental wellbeing. These services will be provided through an implementing partner VEDA in Odisha;

We provide turnkey solutions from designing to commissioning of Solar Projects, other Solar related projects and also support operations and maintenance services, such as;

Solar Engineering Procurement Construction Services (EPC);

  • Design
  • Load Assessment
  • Prefeasibility Study
  • Vendor Finalization
  • Project Planning
  • Delivery of Equipment
  • Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

Solar Engineering Services;

  • Plot Plan Layout
  • Module Series & Parallel Combination
  • String Combiner Box
  • Cable Sizing
  • Inverter
  • Transformer Rating
  • LT & HT Panels
  • Battery

In additions to these turnkey services, Sanguine also provides technical assessment and feasibility in these areas.


We engage in Research and Studies assignments in the tourism sector in Gujarat to provide insights to international, national and local citizens and showcase the potential and growth in Gujarat. We are also engaged in providing advisory services in Bid documents, Tender documents and Bid process management for the Government of Gujarat. We also provide strategic inputs, SLA, Scope of Work Working guidelines on sub-contract engagements of the vendor companies and their associates.

Natural Gas

We are engaged in providing technical consultancy for natural gas pipeline and distribution supply chain. Our team has executed several assignments in Demand Assessment studies on Natural gas in Gujarat and Pan India for several prestigious clients in Gujarat and India. Our demand assessment analytic model is pretty well accepted by our engaging companies and they have expressed satisfaction on reports and findings.

Social and Development Sector

So far we have executed numbers of assignments in areas of Social and Development sector in Gujarat and in Pan India. These assignments we focus in sectors like Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture. We have undertaken several Baseline studies, Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation Studies. The indicators and outcomes of these studies have been quite useful to the respective department and organizations in the state of Gujarat.

We are committed to do more and more assignments in these sectors and very soon will add more development workings in our portfolio soon.

Entry Advisory

We provide strategic advice for Industry Infrastructure Management in Gujarat to leading and prestigious international companies, MNCs who want to enter Gujarat for manufacturing and their business. We do the required diligence for setting up industry operations, regulatory approvals, and key project requirements. We have excellent working relationship with GAD Planning, GIDC (Land, Water and Drainage), GETCO, GPCB, GSPC, Labour Authorities, Licensing Authorities, and other allied organizations for provision of support infrastructure for the industries.

We also provide project feasibility, financial advisory, investment due diligence, merger and acquisitions due diligence, valuation services and industry match making along with our strategic partners who have pioneered in this field for several years.

We have an esteemed list of international clientele who are extremely satisfied with our strategic advices and we are in continued business terms with them. We are pleased to share that Gujarat offer unique opportunities for any business environment.

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